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Fighting For Autism- Paddy "The Baddy Pimblett" Helping to raise Autism awareness through Mixed Martial Arts

Patrick "Paddy The Baddy" Pimblett is a Champion Mixed Martial Artist and who fights for Cagewarriors Mixed Martial Arts promotion.

The awe inspiring performance's being displayed in the cage by the Lightweight fighting out of Next Generation Mixed Martial Arts in Liverpool are touting Paddy to be one of the shining stars on their way to world stardom in the sport, and has definitely gone on to seen him as one of the hottest properties of Mixed Martial arts in Europe, This gentleman has the ingredients of being a truly remarkable fighter.
Paddy who started his Professional Mixed Martial Arts Career in 2012, and has 11 Wins with his last bout seeing him crowned as The Cage Warriors World Champion at his home city of Liverpool on what was an electrifying evening, along with team mate Chris Fishgold who was making the first defence of his Cage Warriors Title as well ,both train with the widely respected and renowned Next Generation MMA Gym in Liverpool under the guidance of coach Paul Rimmer.


Paddy's performances outside of the cage are also becoming the stuff of legend, this is a gifted young fighter who is extremely vocal and defensive of his home city Liverpool and is becoming recognised as a fan friendly fighter, who always goes the extra mile to put a smile on someone else's face.
The team around him are like a family, they train together, eat together and socialise together it really is a fantastic thing to see, as each one brings the other on to the next level, I've been privileged enough to be in their company and are among some of the nicest people I've met in Mixed Martial Arts.

Next Generation Gym currently has Chris Fishgold and Paddy Pimblett as Cagewarriors Champions, and Molly McCann-Pearson who also is alumni from Next Generation and also trains with the widely respected Ippon Gym in Bournmouth is also Champion with Shock n Awe Mixed Martial Arts.
All 3 of these amazing martial artists along with so many other across the globe have become Fighting For Autism Ambassadors, and the amount of positive feedback has been incredible, from parents/carers to a loved one on the Spectrum, but also from people on the Spectrum themselves who are beginning to find their voice and confidence, getting parents to talk about Autism can be quite hard, especially with the males, but when Martial Arts are used as an ice breaker, people are beginning to open up, share experiences  and begin to investigate what Autism is, this is also the trend with youngsters who see a role model speaking about Autism and will investigate what is meant by the word Autism.
And people are beginning to come forward, a huge amount of people who have an interest or who are martial artists have a link to someone on the Autistic Spectrum.

Paddy is also a Fighting For Autism Fighter Ambassador, who together with Fighting For Autism is assisting in raising Autism Awareness from the Mats, Paddy was also the first Ambassadors to nominate one of his students as a Junior Ambassador a superstar in the making called Connor Orford, who's influence and friendship has brought Connor on in leaps and bounds over the past few months.
Connor who is on the Autistic Spectrum is thriving through the sessions with Paddy, and this is now a gentleman who cannot wait to get to class to train and in our view Connor is very much a champion in the making too.
We issued Connor a top secret mission to present Paddy with his very own personalised Fighting For Autism Cap, and Connor passed the test with flying colours. as the pictures shows.

Paddy and Cage Warriors Owner/ President Graham Boylan  in September placed a bet with Paddy Power Bookmakers for Paddy to beat UFC champion Connor McGregor by the year 2020, the bet in itself was massive, to which we are so grateful and to which we can only ever say thank to you Graham Paddy Power Power book makers

 and then this morning Paddy put up on his Instagram feed that he had put up tickets for auction for his upcoming bout, these tickets are not for sale to the general public, with the proceeds going to Fighting For Autism...

Paddy we will never forget the kindness and generosity you have shown towards us, that makes you every part of the champion both in the cage and in life itself, we can never thank you and everyone at Next Generation MMA enough and we wanted to say a special Thank You to you all and Graham Boylan from Cage warriors too.

Fighting For Autism Ambassadors, clubs and promotions around the world are very much the driving force behind making a brighter day to so many people on the Autistic Spectrum and their families too,  they are becoming the Voice for The Voiceless, collectively working alongside clubs and coaches we are being able to make students aware of what Autism is, and also working to wards creating autism friendly classes around the word, as well as being to highlight success stories of Athletes on the spectrum and raise some much needed Autism Awareness, we wouldn't be able to do what we do without these amazing people.

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Children on the Autistic Spectrum are more likely to suffer from being bullied.
No two people on The Autistic Spectrum are the same and the symptoms of each particular persons Autism differ often massively.
Autism is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders but is the most underfunded.
If the Statistic of 1 in 100 is on the Autistic Spectrum in the UK is to be believed ( we believe it is more than 1 in 100 and more in line with the USA statistic of 1 in 68) , and the population in the UK is 65,000,000 that means that 650,000 people reside in the UK who are on the Spectrum-enough to fill Wembley Stadium 7 times over.
For more facts on Autism please check out our website

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