Saturday, 22 October 2016

Fighting with Autism and Shining through the Spectrum- Steve Borelli Jr

Ladies and Gentleman, allow us to introduce you to Steve Borelli Jr, who is a Fighting For Autism Fighter Ambassador from New York, USA.
Steve is a remarkable gentleman who's story encompasses the message of Fighting For Autism, highlighting that there so many positive stories of people who shine through the Autistic Spectrum particularly in the realms of Martial Arts and Boxing.
"My name's Steve Borelli. I was diagnosed with Autism in 1990 at age 5. Due to the side effects of ASD, I remained socially awkward.
Despite good study habits and hardwork, my grades in school were terribly low.
One thing that always kept me going was my love for Martial arts/combat sports(a love that my father also had his whole life) while in my 20s, I started formal training. I've always loved boxing, but Jiu Jitsu became my lifestyle. Martial arts training not only improved my health and fitness but other aspects of my life as well.
I was a volunteer firefighter for 4 years, I'm currently in school studying pharmacy, I'm involved in a self advocacy group where we learn to all sorts of social skills. Such as how to handle bullying at work, how to spot when people are trying to take advantage of us, and putting together fundraisers.
I've been training BJJ for 5 years now. The best part about this lifestyle is that my social skills have improved due to interacting with people at practice, event's, parties, etc".

Massive thanks to Steve Borelli JR for writing this entry for the Fighting For Autism Blog, we are so incredibly proud to have Steve as an Ambassador.

#DareToBeDifferent #LiveWithoutLabels #ShiningThroughtTheSpectrum 

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