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Fighting For Autism, Marcus "The Irish Hand Grenade" Davis and Josh Loveridge

Fighting For Autism Fighter Ambassadors Marcus "The Irish Hand Grenade" Davis and Josh Loveridge,  agreed to carry out answer a few questions that the other wanted to ask, a kind of head to head between ambassadors if you will.

Marcus, a seasoned professional boxer and mixed martial artist who has fought a the very pinnacle of Mixed Martial Arts including fighting for both UFC and Bellator, with a resume that is jaw dropping , what people may not know is that Marcus also worked as a behavioural health professional in Maine, USA, where he worked with children on the Autistic Spectrum
Josh, is a superstar in the making , a multi talented young martial artist whose accolades are amazing , as his is knowledge of the Autistic Spectrum, as Josh is on the Spectrum himself and is a passionate advocate for Autism awareness and acceptance.

Josh Loveridge is a Fighter Ambassador, based in Wicklow, Ireland. Josh has competed in several disciplines of Martial arts, and has won numerous championships, Josh has a vast knowledge of autism, as he is on the Spectrum, and is an active advocate for raising Autism awareness and acceptance.

Seconds out, ROUND 1

First up to ask  the questions was Josh, who asked Marcus-

1.What was your leading motivation when making the jump from Boxing to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)?
"Two reasons really. I had faith that MMA is where combat sport was heading. As far as my personal reason was I wanted to be competing in something that was closer to real hand to hand combat. MMA was the closest thing”.

2.As a fighter with a long career what was the leading factor in keeping your body in good condition?
I do have a very long list of permanent injuries but I love to train. Although retired, I train 6 days a week. I also developed some food allergies and sensitivities so it forces me to eat clean“. 

3. What was the biggest highlight of your career?
Fighting in Dublin, Ireland”

4. How does it feel to have fought in the 2 biggest organisations in MMA?It was a great self accomplishment. Nothing compares to competing in the UFC”.

5. From a nutritional point of view did you ever struggle making weight for fights?“Yes. Always as a welterweight and even more so as a lightweight. The lightweight cut is responsible for some of my long term issues”.

6.What is your training regime like now that you have retired from competitive MMA?“I am retired. I weight train 5 days a week. My walk around is around 210 lbs now. I love grappling now and try to roll as often as possible“.

7. What motivated you to continue fighting after the shoulder injury you obtained during your fight against Joe Stephenson?
After the injury it took nearly 7 months for it to heal 100%. During that time I spent allot of this me reflecting and decided to spend those months working on my grappling“.

8. Did u obtain any injury's from your long career in mma, boxing and kickboxing that still trouble you today?
“I have a huge list. From torn retinas to slight cognitive differences. Let's just say- yes“.

9. If there was one thing you could tell young fighters what would it be?
Surround yourself with people that genuinely care for you. Don't just jump into a gym and commit or a manager because you hear or think they might be the best. It's better to be around people you have your best interest at heart. Not just theirs“.
10.What was your goal when you first started competitive fighting?
“Originally it was to fight in Ireland and make a living doing so. Later was to provide for my family“.

And then  Marcus gets to ask Josh a few questions.
Seconds Out, Round 2
1. What are your goals?
“My goals are to strive to be the best that I can be in my craft.”

2.How do you plan to achieve them?
I plan to achieve my goals by a very simple formula which is work hard and believe in myself with these 2 things nothing can stop me“.

3.What is the greatest challenge you have had to face and how did you beat it?
For me probably the greatest challenge I've had to face is coming to terms with my diagnosis and learning to accept it, time was the leading factor in me coming to terms with things”
4.When looking for inspiration what is it you think of, what inspires you?
“When I’m looking for inspiration i look back to where I was a couple of years ago and the improvements that i have made since then this helps a lot when struggling for inspiration, the main driving force behind my inspiration is that i believe that i can do whatever i set my mind to and no one can tell me otherwise so when people do tell me i cant do something it motivates and inspires me to do the task at hand”.

Fighting for Autism would like to say a huge thank you to both
Marcus "The Irish Hand Grenade Davis  and to Josh Loveridge, for taking time  outto take part in this interview, and also for being Fighting For Autism Ambassadors and role models for generations to come, who will hopefully see that being different can be very cool, and with the right guidance and assistance what can be achieved.
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