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Unleashing the Swarm. An Interview with Linton Vassell by Fighting For Autism Junior Ambassador Max Jolly

During Autism Awareness Month we asked some of our Junior Ambassadors to interview some if the amazing Fighter Ambassadors who have raised their hand to help us raise Autism Awareness, a large percentage of our Junior Ambassadors are champions in the making who are on the autistic spectrum themselves and are not only helping to raise awareness, but by sharing their success stories are encouraging others to take up something new, learn new skills or perhaps make a new friend.

In todays blog Junior Ambassador  Maximus "Prime" Jolly  interviewed Professional Mixed Martial Artist, and Bellator Fighter Linton "The Swarm" Vassell.
Linton whom is due to compete later this month at Wembley Arena in the UK, so is relishing the chance to compete in front of a home crowd on behalf of all us at Fighting For Autism we wanted to send our very best to Linton and also a massive thank you as well for all that he does for the autism community.

Bellator Light Heavyweight Fighter
Linton "The Swarm" Vassell

Maximus himself is a rising star this young gentleman is not just competing in Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling, he has worked incredibly hard and has won numerous competitions  he is truly shining, being on the spectrum himself, Maximus is inspiring other youngsters on the spectrum to shine through it.

Fighting For Autism Junior Ambassador
Maximus " Prime" Jolly in grappling competition


We have a special guest here currently and his name is Linton Vassell a Bellator Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a professional record of 18-6.

1) Every MMA fighter has their own training regimen and I’m interested in what your is?
Hello Max. My training is

10:30 MMA drills and live Grappling

7:30 H Kickboxing Drills and Bag and Pad work


10:30 MMA live sparring

5:00 Strength and Conditioning


10:30 Live Wrestling


10:30 Live Sparring

7:30 H Kickboxing Drills


10:30 No Gi Grappling Drills and Live

5:00 Sprints


11:30 Pad work



2) Who are your coaches in each martial art that you train in, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing etcetera?
H Kickboxing - Henri Hooft & Sean Soriano

Wrestling - Greg Jones & Kami Barzini

No Gi Jiu Jitsu - Mario Sperry

Strength & Conditioning - Corey Peacock

3) How do you celebrate after you win a fight and how do you push your victories aside and focus on the next?
A week in Vegas, and then back to work a week or maybe two later.

4) Many of your fights, you able to just take people down with ease without a clinch?
For me that’s just the way I fight, I saw an opening so I shot for the take down, drive hard and explosive.

5) What motivates you to train the way you do today and what would you say about your successes in the past?
The will to win, I love this sport, and losing to Bader just made that fire burn worse than before. I feel like I have come along way and beat two former World Champions, but I’m still not happy, I know I’m destined to be a World Champion.

6) When you first started training what martial art did you start with or did you do it all in one piece?
I just started with no experience and enjoyed it at a local Mixed Martial Arts club, before you knew it I was getting ready for my first fight 6 months later.

7) Experiencing fighting different people do you ever look up your opponent to try to get info about them so that you can have an advantage on them when you fight that person?
Of course, I’m always watch and sizing up my division, as I know I’m going to be fighting them sooner or later.

8) Besides fighting in Bellator do you ever compete in separate martial arts tournaments like North American Grappling Association, Newbreed, IBJJF, or wrestling tournaments?
I have competed in the Naga and Kelos Grappling tournaments winning gold in both.


9) On a scale of 1-10 how hard do you thing you punch? Do you enjoy the impact of your hands when you do ground-n-pound how your fists vibrate after each land?
I have no clue but I’m going to guess pretty dam hard, as I have a number of TKO victories. I guess I do as I keep getting back in there ha ha.

10) What is your advice if someone asks you a question on how to be a champion, could you tell us in your words?
I get this question a lot, first you really do need to find a good gym that have the right coaches, and team mates to help push you, this isn’t a sport where you can only give 50% you need to give it your all, turn up everyday and put in the work, and work on all types of disciplines, Boxing, Kickboxing, Grapping, because you never know where the fight is going to go. And yes it’s going to be tough I’m ain’t going to lie, you will feel like quitting and you will feel like crying, but the pain won’t last forever but being a quitter will.

11) One more question? Can you tell us why you work with Fighting for Autism?
Well, I was approached by Paulieboy a good few years ago asking if I would like to help and be a ambassador, I didn’t have to think twice, I thought if I can even help or even make the smallest impact on someone’s life, I want to be a part of it, and help spread the word, and even put a smile on someone’s little face.
Linton wearing his custom Fighting For Autism Cap
We wanted to say a huge thank you to both Linton and Maximus for taking time out to carry an excellent interview
We would also like to say a humungous Congratulations to Junior Ambassador's
Rhys McCole and Maddie Mitchell.
Rhys and Maddie won their respective categories at the Community Champion awards this week in Scotland.
Rhys and Maddie who are facing adversities of their own are thriving through their respective sports
Rhys (Boxing)  and Maddie (Muay Thai).
The inspirational young warriors are inspiring others to #DareToBeDifferent and
 #ShineThroughTheSpectrum encouraging them to try something new, learn a new skill or make a new friend.
On behalf of everyone at #FightingForAutism We wanted to say Congratulation's and Thank You to both of these Junior Ambassadors for going the extra mile to raise a smile and being positive role models.

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