Monday, 1 May 2017

Fighting For Autism- Shining through the spectrum, Joshua's Story

In todays blog we would like to introduce you to Joshua Wilding, who lives in Derbyshire United Kingdom.

Joshua's story has been submitted by his mum Amanda who runs the Warriors Within Martial Arts Club which is in Belper, Derbyshire, United Kingdom.
Amanda is also a Fighting For Autism Coach Ambassador who is raising autism awareness and acceptance in her classes as well as being Mum to a young superstar on the autistic spectrum.

Joshua wearing his Fighting For Autism Cap

"Joshua is 18 years old, he has Autism and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, he as severe sensory and sensitivity, and severe Anxiety and Panic disorder. He suffers from IBS, and he has to have quarterly injections for Vitamin B12.

Joshua struggles socially, he becomes very distressed when people are around him, he struggles to cope with it, he doesn’t like being anywhere busy and he doesn’t like being in shops. He doesn’t like going to parks or open spaces also, as he becomes terrified of birds, and dogs. He is happier in his own room, in his own space. Also Joshua struggles to walk far, so he as to go in a wheelchair which then makes him more aware of the environment around him, he cannot walk far as his muscles in his leg start to really hurt, the way josh explains how he feels after trying to walk for so long is " my legs hurt like someone is hitting them or pushing something in to them and my whole body feels the same" and he will be in pain for up to 3 weeks just for trying a 10 minute walk. Josh explains is M.E. as " everyday I get up I feel like I have the flu, my whole body hurts and I am in constant pain with it, I feel exhausted.

Joshua came out of school when he was 13 years old and had to be home schooled, which he also did his GCSE’S from home, he took the exams at home for Science, English and Maths, he has 2 Science GSCES, and passed Maths twice, but failed one part of his English, so didn’t get his English. he was so poorly at the time, and it all started with just tonsilitus, it then went to laryngitis , to the stage he was put on steroids. He never came back from then, his illness took over and turned to Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Up to the age of 13 Josh had always been quite healthy apart from getting tonsillitis frequently or ear infections, but healthy. Now he cant walk far, doesn’t like leaving the house, cant eat meals properly without suffering, and cant cope with noises, smells, outside places.

But Joshua is a very very clever young man, 2 years ago he taught himself quantum physics, he taught himself to code, and he can now code in 8 different languages. He built his own computer, and he loves to design games.

He can build websites, he can design as he designed my logo for my martial arts club, and he has designed other things as well, he can build apps and do so much more.

a sample of some of what Joshua can do, this remarkable gentleman is entirely self taught, imagine how bright his future could be with some encouragement and guidance

Joshua’s aim is to build games but due to his social issues he cant cope going to college or university and sitting in a room of people, we tried this with him when he was 17, and we ended up at the hospital with him having severe panic attacks to the stage they thought there was something wrong with his heart, for one day in college just to enrol, took him one year to get over it. So I tried to get help for him to do a course from home, I applied to several colleges and no one would let him do a course from home. I contacted my local politician. which they said they would help, which in all fairness I had a few phone calls but nothing ever happened, we are still waiting. I begged for them to keep in education but no one wanted to help, so now Joshua doesn’t have that luxury and he should be allowed to be in education until he is 25 as he as Autism.

I paid for on online course last year for a beginners programme built your own game, which he received a diploma and he was so proud. However there isn’t courses available for Joshua’s needs, he is happy to do courses but needs to do them from home".

Are you in a position to help Josh?
This young gentleman has a remarkable gift, Joshua's passion is for anything that is computer related, and he dreams of building his own personal computer so he can widen his knowledge base, perhaps you know someone who is involved in the computer world or computer games industry, this amazing young man uses his ability and passion as a means of speaking to the outside world and can produce some incredible results, How cool would it be to see what Joshua can do with some advice from people in those industries, perhaps someone who is developing a distance learning course that Josh can study or maybe you have a part that you may want to donate so that Josh can build his dream personal computer.

Fighting For Autism advocates and encourages those with autism to shine through the spectrum, if you can help in any way please contact either ourselves or Joshua's mum Amanda at

Or there a Just Giving Page that has been set up.

a huge thank you to Amanda for sharing Joshua's story.

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