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Fighting For Autism. Coaches and Clubs join in the Fight for some much needed Awareness


One of the most amazing things has begun to develop over the past few months with Fighting For Autism, we are starting to work together with many martial arts and boxing clubs from around the world in a bid to raise Autism Awareness together, the response has been phenomenal, each of them has been so supportive and truly embraced the message of what awareness is all about, and the exciting news is that many more are stepping forward to embrace the challenge and their open hearts and minds in welcoming some amazing youngsters and adults on the Autistic Spectrum to their clubs, with some looking into running Autism Friendly classes and others already doing cool is that?

Pete Holmes,Ross Hanratty, Aaron Stevens, Cesar Silva, Chris Jones, Simon Martinelli, Christy Dunne, Danielle Joyce, Tony Bailey, Joe Worden, Rodney Moore, Pete Lavery, Neil Kirkland, Damien Mulgrave, Deano Wade, Andy Ryan, Tom Lamont, James Mulroy, Alfie Lewis, Sean Davitt, Walton Hart, Mark Spence,Mark Epstein, Stewart Francis, Steve Lloyd, Karl Butcher,Jason McCabe, Tony Pillage, Chris Brown, Paul Bentley, Lucci Del Gaudio, Kain Royer, Gaz Collins

Each affiliate club has had a set of Autism factsheets that are designed to take a lot of the jargon away and concentrate on getting everyone actively informed about understanding a bit more about Autism, each and every coach and club we have asked has been absolutely phenomenal in their response, and equally so have their students.

Fighting For Autism have had the privilege of talking to some amazing people involved in Martial Arts that either have a good understanding or are very keen to learn about autism, one of each journey is different although you hope to all get to the same destination.

Each person is different and learns at their own pace, one of the amazing things that we have been so fortunate to be able to tell are the success stories of people who have overcome adversity and despite their diagnosis have blossomed through Martial Arts or Boxing, not just as martial artists or boxers but have improved both academically and socially as well, from a personal level and as a Dad to a child on the spectrum it leaves you speechless at seeing how powerful that message is, not just to those on the Autistic Spectrum but to their families and loved ones too.

The Ambassador and club programme that Fighting For Autism has, includes professional athletes, Martial arts and boxing clubs, coaches, junior ambassadors and promotions affiliates all working to raise Autism Awareness Together.

Can Martial arts or Boxing make that much of a difference? 101% yes, not just through the training of these disciplines, but importantly the message that is portrayed through them, these clubs are where role models and champions are made, strangely enough the response from the martial arts and boxing communities has been incredible, sadly politicians aren’t so quick to take up the invitation.
The message of Martial arts and boxing as well as the fantastic clubs and people that teach them, from a parents view it gave me hope that for my sons future there are people out their willing to go the extra mile to bring the best out of someone (my son is severely autistic, seeing first hand a coach have the patience go over a basic technique with a Lightsabre which was made fun and easy to understand, until my son felt confident in it, and standing and watching my little boy interact with another child and laugh while he did it, Pete Holmes, Beth Holmes, Steve Lloyd, Alan Apsden and Karl Butcher from Immortal 365 in Peterborough, I never got the chance to say Thank You from the bottom of my heart I am doing that now.)

Matthew under the watchful eye of Immortal 365  Instructor Alan Apsden

Immortal 365 have gone on to make the light sabre classes at their club a permanent fixture at their club in Peterborough UK, where 5 of the class are on the Autistic Spectrum, the classes have proved so successful that the parents ( I mean Dad’s) have asked for a class of their own.
Immortal 365 have also gone on to host their very own Fighting For Autism Seminar, that saw different martial arts instructors from around the United Kingdom raise their hand in wanting to help raise awareness and also get their students involved too.
Also seeing coach/fighter ambassador Paul Bentley and Cut man Ambassador Steve Riley start their very own Autism Friendly classes at FPTS in Liverpool this past weekend.
also Chris Jones, a Martial Arts Instructor and Coach Ambassador  from Knaresborough, United Kingdom was sent an amazing message from the parent of one his students whose son is progressing in so many different ways, these are the positives that people want to hear, and why its an absolute privilege to write about, such awe inspiring people who are actively making a difference.

The success stories are becoming more and more frequent, with amazing clubs stepping forward to enlighten there students about the autistic spectrum, Fighting For Autism has developed a Junior Ambassador scheme which has seen  nearly 30 youngsters from around the globe, from a multitude of different backgrounds, some are on the Autistic spectrum and are thriving through boxing or martial arts, others are pulling out all the stops to raise as much awareness as they possibly can.

Each individual in this picture is on varying levels of the autistic spectrum, and each one of them is an Ambassador for Fighting For Autism, some are starting their journey in their chosen sport, some have become not only established but are respective Champions 
 We truly believe to Fight for Autism, you have to include those on the spectrum,  these amazing people along with so many others are raising their hand to volunteer in making a brighter day for others, and inspiring them to try something new, make a new friend and also help people to understand what Autism is.

Fighting For Autism Fighter Ambassador Lewis “Twitch” Daykin a boxer and Muay Thai fighter who trains out of Ludus Magnus and our friends at Almighty Fighting Championship, carried out a fundraiser at an event, that funded 27 Junior Ambassadors from around the globe with their own Fighting For Autism hoody and either a Gi Patch or a baseball cap, Lewis who is on the Autistic spectrum himself and is inspiring as they come is one of so many success stories not just as a competitor in his chosen sport, but has gone on to become a much loved coach and as a gentleman always wears his heart on his sleeve, which is an amazing quality to have.

The Junior Ambassadors are future champions in their respective disciplines from around the world who through martial arts are raising Autism Awareness with Fighting For Autism from the mats, these amazing youngsters know a thing or two about Autism as they are either on the autistic spectrum themselves or have a close family member or friend who is on the Autistic Spectrum, in the UK alone 9 of the the 10 junior ambassadors are on the spectrum themselves and are actively competing in either a martial art or boxing, with the 10th having a sibling on the spectrum and truly wants to raise awareness, to say we are proud of each and every Ambassador we have would be an understatement, we cannot thank Lewis, as well as Steve and Ray from Almighty Fighting Championship as without them this would never have been possible.

We wanted to say a very special Thank you to each and every Ambassador that has raised their hand to become a Voice for the Voiceless, and encourages those to dare to be different and to live without labels, these are the very people that make Fighting For Autism what it is, around the globe a collection of amazing people who it is a privilege to write about.

 Over the past few years since Christian Mitchell set up Fighting For Autism in Australia, the response from clubs and coaches is often hard to put into words, particularly when you are the parent of a child on the spectrum, the number of top athletes, coaches and clubs from around the world that are working together with Fighting For Autism to raise as much autism awareness as possible is humbling and heart warming, and for that to each and every person who has done so much, to everyone who reads these blogs, or likes a facebook status, Instagram post or Retweets a Tweet, We Thank you all as you are the ones that make the positive change to people and bring the very best out of them. 






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