Monday, 14 November 2016

Fighting With Autism- Shining Through the The Spectrum with Judo and Jiu Jitsu. Maximus Jolly


Today's Fighting For Autism Blog, is  brought to you by a remarkable young gentleman from Tampa in the USA, his name is Maximus "Prime" Jolly

Max is one of Fighting For Autism's Junior Ambassadors and is an inspiring character not only raising Autism Awareness on the mats, but proving that a diagnosis of Autism does not define you as a person, this gentleman's story of hard work and determination to smash down stereotypes and shine through the spectrum is truly amazing.

Maximus Jolly, is a 14 year old who trains and competes in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Judo, Kickboxing, and Wrestling. It is BJJ that is his passion and what transformed his life. Max was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. He did not speak until age 3. He has been bullied, and called “weirdo” and “crack head”.  On one occasion, peers threw balls at him as hard as they could. At the time, he thought they were playing with him, laughing with him. They weren’t. 

Max struggles to overcome the challenges Autism brings which can be invisible to most people. Autism is a diagnosis. He is not a diagnosis. Maximus Jolly is the 2016 FFBJJ State Champion. He is a dedicated mixed martial artist who trains 6 days every week. He runs/swims about 20 miles every week. He has a passion to compete at the highest level.

Max is no longer bullied. He has made a choice to take action and has chosen to speak out about something he is uncomfortable with in order to help others with autism know they can be whoever they want to be by making a decision to break through their barrier as Max has. The fight is not over. Training at Gracie Tampa and Gracie Tampa Judo has transformed the way he views the world and people living in it. He has the honor of training under one of Royce Gracie’s 1st black belts – Prof. Rob Kahn and the 2015 USA Judo coach of the year – Sensei David Cainas.


Everyone has challenges. Max’s happens to be a diagnosis of Autism that comes with various learning, communication, and social barriers. He was told that if he works hard, he could be whoever he wants to be. Honor, respect, humility, and work ethic are things Max learns from mom and dad and they are reinforced on the mats by his coaches and mentors. Maximus is a fighter and he is proud to be Fighting for Autism.

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