Sunday, 20 November 2016

Fighting With Autism- Champion Wrestler and Mixed Martial Artist Chloe Spiteri

Fighting For Autism takes pride in highlighting positive stories from the Autistic Spectrum, and are incredibly proud to introduce Fighter Ambassador, Champion Freestyle Wrestler and Mixed Martial Artist, Chloe Spiteri who is from London, United Kingdom.

Chloe is a 6 time National Wrestling Champion, has represented Team Great Britain and got to the finals of the Commonwealth Games, as well as recently winning a title in Mixed Martial Arts, to say Chloe is inspirational is an understatement, Chloe has also gone on to offer support and guidance to others.

"My Journey hasn't been an easy one, having being diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 3, neurological problems and Autism.
Some of the symptoms of my autism were, I  struggled to communicate effectively i.e not looking people in the eye, I struggled to mix in large groups, I didn't like change at all, and if any change came I would lash out and lots more.
I was written off by many professionals and told I needed to be on heavy medication and in full time boarding school.
but my parents knew me best and knew with the right support I could overcome and go on to achieve great things, and with overcoming adversity I did just this.
My epilepsy stopped at age 11, my symptoms have decreased and become mild, however I do still not like sudden changes in my schedule and some communication/ social difficulties.

but, I am not ashamed to be who I am and want to go out there and share my story to others and let them know that know that nothing is impossible, as well as provide support and advice.
through self belief , being persistent and understanding and accepting myself, I have been able to defeat any barriers that have come my way and get to where I am. 
When the professionals wrote me off, I was predicted not to get any qualifications, after not going back into full time "mainstream" high school until the later years after being placed into special needs, I went to achieve 10 A-C grades and also went onto achieve a sports science degree from Brunel University in the UK, so not only did I excel at sports, I also excelled in my education."
Fighting For Autism would like to say a massive Thank You to Chloe Spiteri,  Chloe can be found on Twitter and on Instagram

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