Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fighting For Autism - The People You Meet, and the Inspirational Stories behind them.

The People you meet, and the inspirational stories behind them.
Mark and Arlene Sproule TAMMA Martial Arts Academy over in Northern Ireland.

A few months back I was so very fortunate, to be able to sit and talk about children on the Autistic spectrum, and these wonderful people did not only know their stuff, they were phenomenonally keen on really raising the bar on accessible martial arts classes for those on the Autistic Spectrum and additional needs.
Mark and Arlene Sproule are two well established Martial Artists, who run a club specifically for children on the spectrum and with additional needs, they have  have 2 grown up children, who are on the Spectrum, so my senses were heightened on what the future may hold for my own son, the day I met them, they were off to collect awards at a Martial Arts seminar so I was lucky enough to grab a sneaky coffee with them whilst they were in London , as both are incredibly gifted martial artists.
Sitting in their company, I was told of inspirational tales of how youngsters who had joined the club, had progressed leaps and bounds, but we're also made to feel so very welcome, meeting new friends, the club has become a hub, a meeting place for so many and is run in such a way, where established students become study buddy's to those just starting their own martial arts journey.
We spoke of how their club has become a much needed place of gathering, but also something very special as this magical place, shows a sense of belonging, a place where skills and friendships are developed. Fighting For Autism would be extremely proud to work alongside such a magnificent  club.
(Paulieboy meeting up with the amazing Mark and Arlene Sproule of TAMMA Martial Arts club)
We went on to speak about our own children, and It was pointed out at how talented Courtney and Timothy are.
Timothy is a gifted video editor, with a flair for computers, Courtney is an artist, the pictures I was shown on that day, absolutely blew me away, seriously they are that good.
Courtney although incredibly shy, is to me a megastar in the making, her artwork is amongst the best I've seen in a long while, a way of expressing yourself through art is so highly spoken of, I explained that Fighting For Autism were looking potentially for a mascot, and some drawings were sent over.
First Courtney had to establish, what it was that we were looking for so sent over a few ideas
Then followed a few more, We asked Courtney is she could design a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with 2 Superheroes, as some of our ambassadors have a perchance for that particular dinosaur. 
Then the wawaeeeeeeeeeewa moment occurred!
Blown away, by what I saw, I knew that some of Fighter Ambassadors we're incredibly fond of the Tyrannosaurus Rex,
Fighter Ambassadors David Rickels, JP Gillespie and Nas "T- Rex Stowell"
Ladies and Gentlemen please have a look at the artwork that Courtney created, I think it Tyrannosauruseriffic, Courtney's incredible gift of art can also be seen on her YouTube Channel which is absolutely amazing, and we have asked Courtney to become a Voices For the Voiceless Ambassador for Fighting For Autism, Courtney and her mum Arlene are also in the process of writing their own children's books, with Arlene doing the foreword and Courtney doing the Art work

I came away with a new friendship and got to speak to 2 wonderful individuals who encompass the spirit of Martial arts and got to hear of 2 young adults on the spectrum who will take the world by storm with their Artwork.
Heres a link to Courtney's Artwork she is extremely gifted and talented, I'm sure you'd agree
the most amazing thing is that by a love of martial arts, parents, carers and those on the spectrum are beginning to talk, and become communities, whether that be with new friends overseas.
I wanted to say a massive Thank You, To Mark and Arlene Sproule, for being absolutely outstanding people who run a spectacular club for some awesome people, and to the ultra talented Timothy and Courtney Sproule,

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