Sunday, 11 September 2016

Fighting For Autism, fighting for acceptance written by Claire Smith. Mother, Mixed Martial Artist and on the Autistic Spectrum

Claire Smith is a Mother, a Mixed Martial Artist and also on the Autistic Spectrum and a Fighter Ambassador for Fighting For Autism.
This is the 3rd part of her story that explains what being on the Autistic Spectrum means to her, we often get asked at Fighting For Autism, to hear about Adults on the Spectrum, and who better to write than a person on the spectrum themselves.

"Social and Personal relationships can often be difficult, exhausting and confusing for many on the autism spectrum, whilst most neuro-typical people find them fun, relaxing and enjoyable. If you work or live with a child, teenager or adult on the autism spectrum, you will recognise the difficulties they have with getting along with people, making friends and keeping all kinds of relationships going.  This is an obvious obstacle to not only their happiness but also their ability to make progress in life, to fulfil their ambition and hopes. In many cases, it is a barrier to them learning at school and earning a living, and causes withdrawal from the world which seems so alien to them. The obstacles faced by children, adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum is by far more detailed than most people would think.

Autism to most is just a behavioural problem, people don't look at the real problems or obstacle people on the spectrum face.
Having  ambition can be frowned upon. Having a dream can be laughable.
Being on the spectrum myself I find friendship and relationship are hard enough to form without people putting the obstacles there for me, people need to be more aware about the difficulties autistic people face with friends and stop alienating us.

We deserve friends, we just go a different way about forming friendships.
Hasn't everyone got the right to dream and is ambition not a good thing to have if you have a disability or not"?
Claire in Competition
Never ever give up on your dreams, you could well be the spark that ignites the flame for someone else to start chasing their dreams .
Huge thank you to Claire, for really wearing her heart on her sleeve and being a Voice for the Voiceless, children on the spectrum, do go on to become adults on the spectrum , Autism is not something you grow out of, but with the right people encouraging you and fighting your corner, there can be a brighter day ;-)

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